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Hotel Grones allows you to enjoy a holiday in the heart of the Dolomites

The white, snowy mountains of the Dolomites were declared an official UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and are among the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

The Dolomites began their life in a prehistoric tropical sea. Following the ice age there was a remarkable metamorphosis of these illustrious structures due to the thawing ice and water. The famous red glow these mountains emit at sunset is one of the peculiarities the Dolomites owe to their unique mineralogical composition. The colour of the rocky cliffs increases in intensity until they emanate a glowing red, transitioning to a persistent orange until they reach increasingly darker shades of violet. Such an emblematic phenomenon of the Dolomites, it is one of the most extraordinary of natural sights. The first mineralogical analysis of the Dolomites was completed by the French scientist Déodat de Dolomieu in 1791. This pale and extraordinary rock was named „Dolomit“ after the geologist.

Within the very heart of these natural guardians and under their protection we find the village of Ortisei, located at an altitude of 1236 meters above sea level. It is the ideal starting point for long hikes, climbing trips and many other sporting activities both in the summer and the winter. The mountains surrounding Ortisei create a magical backdrop: mount Rasciesa stands out on the northern side and is served by a modern funicular railway, mount Seceda, whose peak can be reached by a traditional cable car towers to the east while the mountains of Alpe di Siusi stand tall at the south side of the village. A cable railway gives access to this wonderful high alpine plateau. The mountains along both sides of the valley are protected and belong to the natural parks of Puez-Odle and Scilliar-Catinaccio.

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